Does your business have a strategy for innovation?

We have a passion for modelling businesses, ideation, rapid experimentation, validation and successful product- and service launches.

Core values

At the heart of innovation lies your core values. This is where we start our journey together, regardless if we look at an incremental or disruptive strategy to manage innovation.

Business disruption

A lot will change in the upcoming years, as we enter the second phase of the Internet paradigm shift. It is likely to be an even greater change in how it affects society, surpassing the impact of e-commerce, social media and mobile Internet.


By becoming an Innovation partner you will get access to an active partnership offering the necessary tools, strategies and tactics, coaching and mentorship to allow you to take control of your innovation journey — from the initial stages all the way to the market.


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Simon nordberg

The developer guy, CTO and programmer

Simon is passioned about creating software and value online with anything that is programmable. At customers he takes the role of the technical and/or development methodology lead. He helps the customer align their technical structure with the business goals, to allow a rapid development pace and continuous innovation.

+46 706 15 55 90

Johan cedermark

The visionary, manager and project lead

Johan is passioned about innovation methodology, latest trends and business execution. He helps customers in managing the innovation process as well as temporary management
assignments ranging from VP to group- or project manager.

+46 730 40 25 06